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Nouvelle lune, nouveau départ

New moon, new beginning

Helene YUJ


Dear Yogis,

This Thursday, February 11 will be the new moon in the sign of Aquarius. See it as a new beginning... New moon every month, new "me".

This change takes place when the moon is right between the sun and the earth, which is why this lunar phase is called a "new moon". The notion of change and transition is very positive because it gives you the chance to set new intentions, align your chakras in a new light, and fully experience inner renewal. Use this period to release the pressure of the past few months and refocus on your long-term goals. Decision-making in this period is welcome, take advantage of it!

When we talk about renewal for this new moon we are also talking about your social circle and the universe around it. Surround yourself with people who bring you calm, serenity and who motivate you on a daily basis. This beginning of the month allows you to review this balance and balance it.

And if you want to accompany this change, let Faustine guide you on Thursday evening 11/02 through a practice of yin and gentle yoga around benevolent rituals. You will then be immersed in an inner reflection to boost your independence, especially in your social universe.

So what are your goals?

See you soon on your mats :)