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Orange, couleur sacrée ?

Orange, sacred color?

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis,

Have you ever thought about the symbolism and the benefits of colors on your body and your mind?

The color orange is the most cheerful of the spectrum, it is associated with communication, creativity, dynamism and open-mindedness. Loved or hated, it's a color that challenges, provokes and invites you to share!

But then, what are the benefits of orange on our body?

On a physical level, orange is a stimulant. Like all warm colors, orange stirs, calls for mobility and action. It is associated with the cardiac system and the respiratory rhythm acting by definition on the sympathetic system, the sensory organs and the locomotor functions.

On a psychological level, orange heightens your positive emotions related to happiness. If you want to move forward in a thinking pattern, make decisions, perfect your way of dancing, your brisk walking or be dynamic in professional (or personal) exchanges, I can only advise you to wear this color.

In yoga, orange is associated with the sacral chakra (in Sanskrit: svadhisthana), located in the lower abdomen, at the level of the pelvis. He is the second of seven.

A true reservoir of vitality, this chakra, when balanced, allows you to welcome changes with serenity, soothes respiratory weaknesses, stimulates the libido, decongests, calms negative emotions and increases your creativity tenfold. Pretty good, no? 🙂

And we also find this color a lot when it comes to spirituality. Sacred color of Hinduism, worn by people during religious ceremonies, yoga gurus and monks, orange is associated with purity and spirituality. Little by little, this spirituality has become a lifestyle for us Westerners and we have soaked up these trends with warm and earthy colors.

By touch or total look, we have made our choice. In our Paris offices, we imagined an orange look, consciously called tangerine, as a reminder of the tangy fruit, based on a verticalized and environmentally responsible production.

Ideal for your practice, our set will surely perfect your rock look for the woman you are. Personally, I'm a fan, and you?

Now is the time to wear it mindfully!

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