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Meeting with Oriane, #YUJgirl.

Marion YUJ

A brief overview

Can you introduce yourself ? With a degree in economics and management, I began my professional career in management control and then in the purchasing department of the Mediterranean club. I then joined the BHV as deputy store manager and then joined the head office in the marketing and communication department, where I notably took care of the opening of the men's BHV. These positions were very interesting but with increasing pressure and oppressive back pain... I started to consult for these pains which did not go away... nothing mechanical, I was told, but nevertheless they were very present, state constant fatigue, emotionally weak. Then one day a sports doctor that I didn't know just said to me "Ask yourself the right questions to get the right answers. Something is wrong in your professional or personal life, you have to fix the problem. If you don't you will be left with your pains and worries." A good hearer! The fruit was ripe! Hi ! I decided to change my life and turn to well-being and relationships with others, which was precisely what was missing in my daily life. I left the company, negotiated a skills assessment. After several weeks of discussions with my great ANPE adviser, I was ready! Departure for Bangkok where I had decided to learn relaxation techniques. On the program, Thai massage, oil, foot massage, baby massage, post therapy. Unforgettable moments of improbable encounters on the other side of the planet. An incredible life experience!

What does well-being represent in your daily life? I continued to train myself to relieve people on a daily basis, first postural stretching then pilates (classic, senior, pregnant women) of which I became the first fan! An incredibly effective discipline for managing tension and building muscle in depth because knowing yourself well allows you to listen to yourself (just enough) and to manage yourself. I then turned to people with changing postures (especially pregnant women) to offer them the practice of prenatal pilates and prenatal massage. Since last year, ORIGYN was born: a well-being center located in Puteaux focused around women with a specificity in perinatality (pre and post natal). On the program, pilates, yoga, bar on the ground and postural ball in small groups and in an enchanting setting. Pilates is now an integral part of my life and I practice it on a daily basis.

Do you find time to practice during your travels? When I travel, I manage all the time to find a pilates studio (very common in the USA). I love seeing how teaching is done in other parts of the world, always informative!

What is your favorite YUJ product? Yoga like Pilates require a comfortable and close-fitting outfit, pleasant and caring materials, resistant and barely perceptible seams, YUJ LEGGINGS are mandatory!

The world

What is your favorite country so far? My favorite countries are those in which there is so much space that you necessarily relativize, such as New Zealand, Australia or the USA.

Good addresses to share? My best address to share is of course that of the ORIGYN center: good vibes and positive energies on the program!

For you "The place to be" is it? It doesn't matter as long as I'm with people who are dear to me!


In the cinema, which actors/directors make you dream? My favorite directors are the Cohen brothers, Ken Loach, Clint Eastwood. I love Liam Neeson or Robert Redford.

A quote that defines you? "Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there."

What does a day in the life of Oriane look like? A typical day ? Difficult because there is none! One constant: they are always full of professional appointments, sessions at the center, individual coaching and prenatal massages. Every day is different but the night is the good big sleep!