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Passer l’automne sereinement et en forme

Spend the fall serenely and in good shape

Anne Lise Doidy

After these last weeks of Indian summer where we were able to enjoy the sun and the pleasant temperatures, it seems that autumn is finally coming to an end!

The temperatures are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, fatigue and/or the blues are starting to set in and we would stay in bed much longer in the morning! The appetite also returns, because our body needs reserves for the winter.

The organs then linked to this season are the lungs, the large intestine and the ENT system . It is therefore the ideal period to work on your center and on the “Manipura” chakra. It is indeed in the area of ​​the abdomen that our will and personality are located! By working this area, it will help you increase your self-confidence and personal power.

The openings of the heart are also to be preferred, to create more space at the level of your chest and thus facilitate breathing.

Here are some yoga postures working on these two regions, which will restore your strength and immunity:

The Twisting Chair Pose ( Parvritta Utkatasana in Sanskrit)

Upturned Chair Pose - Parvritta Utkatasana

Benefits : initially strengthens the ankles and harmoniously develops the leg muscles. The torsion of the trunk massages the abdominal muscles and the internal organs which allows the stimulation of the digestive functions and irrigates the organs with fresh and oxygenated blood.

On the exhalations, remember to bring your navel back towards the spine.


Boat Pose (Navasana in Sanskrit)

Navasana Boat Pose

Stay in this posture for 5 breaths and for the little challenge, alternate with the descending boat (Ardha Navasana) 5 times.

Benefits : strengthens the abdominal strap, the back, stimulates the kidneys and develops concentration.


Bow Pose (Danurasana in Sanskrit) 

Danurasana Bow Pose

Benefits : softens the spine, tones the abdominal organs and opens the chest (improves breathing).

In heart-opening postures, breathe mindfully into the space of your rib cage.

Half Bridge Pose (Ardha Setu Bandhasana in Sanskrit)

Half Bridge Pose Ardha Setu Bandhasana

Benefits : opens the rib cage, activates blood circulation throughout the body and tones the legs and buttocks. It also provides great relief.

You can give a restorative side to this posture by placing a block under the sacrum (relaxation guaranteed!)



Notes: whether you practice them alone or integrate them into your personal practice, Remember to warm up first by practicing some sun salutations .

In any case, finish with a well-deserved Savasana , and remember: the more time you give yourself during this final relaxation posture, the more you will benefit from your practice :).

Finally, practicing these postures in the morning is ideal because they have an energizing effect and will thus give you strength to conquer your day!
At YUJ , we are convinced that each season is the best and above all synonymous with renewal, allowing us to act positively as YUJ friends!
Namaste Yoga Lovers
Aurora Guillot