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Posture of the week - Natarajasana

Julie YUJ
Nata - Dancer
Raja - King, lord
Asana - Posture
After talking about anchoring, I invite you here to work on the dancer's posture, “Natarajasana” in Sanskrit. This posture is inspired by the Hindu god Shiva. When he dances, the world begins to shake and disintegrates into nothingness and allows a new one to be created. In this same idea, it is said that this dance is performed in order to destroy the ego and allow the pure soul to reveal itself .
In our daily life… The idea is always to put down roots, but also to bring back a little lightness and fluidity in one's movements. Anchoring to better face the events that we have to go through, but also, to relax in our way of reacting, of apprehending things. We let ourselves go through the ups and downs of life, without ever losing our center. We are grounded, but our hearts are open and ready to dance .
How ?
-Place yourself in Tadasana, the posture of the mountain. Feet firmly anchored on the ground, active legs, arms along the body, relaxed shoulders. Focus on your breathing.
-Continue to anchor your left foot to the ground while taking off the right foot. Bend your right knee and bring your heel towards the right buttock. The left leg is firm, slightly turned inwards.
-Grab the inside of your right foot with your right hand, so as to open your shoulder and thus open your heart.
-Raise your left arm to the sky as an invitation while stretching your upper back and chest.
-Stretch your right leg by gently pressing your right foot into your right hand.
-As you press your foot into your hand, the left arm will come down to your eye level.
-Find a fixed point beyond your left hand in front of you.
- Breathe. And if you fall, smile and take the time to start over . Do not rush into the posture, balance will only be more difficult. On the contrary, as in life, learn to pick yourself up with lightness and grace . Refocus and have fun finding that balance. Do not press your feet too much against your hand "at the risk" of going backwards and do not go too far forward.
After this posture
How you come out of a pose is as important as how you enter it:
-Repeat the steps in reverse. Raise your left hand to the sky while bringing your right leg forward. Release your hand and return to your tadasana.
-Here, dive forward, into the Uttanasana posture. Bend the knees, belly pressed against the thighs, completely relax the arms, head and neck.
-Inhale straighten up, vertebra after vertebra, head last.
-Inhale, raise your arms to the sky (relax your shoulders ;)) and bring your hands in prayer in front of your heart.
-Tadasana, and... switch sides! This is your second chance. And if your balance is more difficult on one side than the other, don't worry, it's completely normal!
-Stretch the shoulders, open the chest
- Stretches the thighs, groin and abdomen
-Strengthens the legs and ankles
-Improves your balance, concentration and coordination
-Improves confidence and grounding
Namaste Yogis ❤

Sasha Pace