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Du YUJ YOGA FLOW à Paris... Mais pas que !

YUJ YOGA FLOW in Paris... But not only!

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If YUJ YOGA was born in Paris and remains intimately attached to this city, it is today a community of yogis all over France that animates the YUJ ecosystem. And although it is a joy to meet so many yogis every day in the Parisian YUJ YOGA STUDIOS, we do not forget all the others, who are too far geographically and cannot practice flow with us.

That's why we decided to relaunch our Youtube channel so that we can share a few minutes of flow with you every week, regardless of your geographic location. On the program: postures broken down, explained, tips, testimonials, and of course: FLOW.


So, while waiting to be able to practice in a YUJ studio at the bottom of your home anywhere in France, find us here !

For the first video in this series, Faustine Cressot, yoga teacher at YUJ YOGA STUDIO, explains and breaks down the Mermaid Pose or Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana in Sanskrit.

Open your heart and your hips with this posture with multiple benefits (strengthening the immune system, improving digestion, stretching, etc.)

PS. While waiting for a great Hollywood director to film our videos, we are doing with the means we have and hope you will like it anyway 🤗 And since we are growing YUJ together, we would be delighted to have your opinions, comments and other suggestions. !

For yogis who wish to register for classes in our studios, find the schedule HERE .

Namast'hey yogis!