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Quel yoga est fait pour vous ?

Which yoga is for you?

Service clients YUJ

YUJ studios, designed as real urban refuges where you can totally let go and find yourself, offer different types of yoga.

But YUJ is first and foremost the first French school of flow yoga… Do you know what flow means?

Flow is a term often used in positive psychology to define the state of a person when he manages to stop his mental fluctuations. It would be lying to you to tell you that we can totally and completely stop our thoughts, on the other hand we can select them and modify these mental fluctuations by learning to concentrate. Easier said than done you will tell me... and finally not that much, thousands of yogis have already tested and approved this method of flow by associating the breath in the movement, by letting themselves go by the rhythm of vibrant playlists or inspiring. 60 minutes of flow is a trip, a trip where you are guaranteed that there will be a before and an after.

And whether it's mixed, soft or gentle, the flow adapts to all tastes and all levels. A different and unique practice, accompanied by the comforting heat and the thousand virtues of infrared. Immersed in darkness, you face yourself, this is your moment and your practice, without complexes or comparisons.

In our studios, we are committed to making the YUJ experience unforgettable for each of our yogis, and for this, offering the course best suited to your desires and your level is essential. That's why we suggest you take this simple test, so that you can be sure to go to the course that is made for you and fully appreciate the YUJ magic without restraint!

You are more likely to:
🔅 Zen
🙏🏻 Stressed
💯 Hyperspeed
    Your need today is:
    🙏🏻 Clear your head!
    💯 Sculpt your body
    🔅 Both
      Have you ever practiced?
      🙏🏻 Never
      🔅 You practice about 2x per month
      💯 As soon as you can, you roll out your carpet!
        “I breathe therefore I am”:
        🙏🏻 Huh?
        💯 YES! You know how to manage your breath, your emotions
        🔅 Hmm, it's still blurry, but it's on the right track!
          Soft as a baby!
          🙏🏻 It's not about flexibility
          💯 A little heat and warm-up and you're in the splits
          🔅 You are a work in progress, slowly but surely!
            Yoga for you is:
            🙏🏻 Relaxation and letting go
            🔅 A specific need or a new discovery
            💯 Your lifestyle

              You have a majority of 💯 - Don't hesitate a second longer and reserve your carpet for the FLOWMIX class right away. If you like to surpass yourself, challenge yourself and all that while developing your muscles and sculpting your body, you will love this course. One hour to let yourself go on flows in music and intensely cleanse your whole body thanks to all the toxins rejected by the body in motion under the infrared lamps. An hour to forget everything, let go of everything on your carpet. Confirmed yogi, you practice often, chaturanga has no more secrets for you and you have perfect control of your breath.

              BONUS : For the more adventurous among you, we also strongly recommend the “Flow and Inversions” course - 30 minutes of flow followed by 30 minutes of step-by-step inverted postures to gain technique and strength.

              You have a majority of 🔅 - You are already a yogi but need to practice more to feel completely comfortable, the FLOWSOFT class is for you. The sequence of postures is just as provocative of letting go but is slower than the flowmix. The postures are broken down to allow you to really work on your alignment and your breath. The heat from the infrared lamps will help you go further in the postures and increase your flexibility. This class is also open to complete beginner yogis who want to try the experience of flow.

              BONUS : For those of you who would like to develop your technique and discover new postures, we strongly recommend the Back to Basics course - all the asanas will soon have no more secrets for you!

              You have a majority of 🙏🏻 - You feel the need to relax, take time for yourself and get back into your bubble to reconnect with yourself. Yin yoga will be your best friend! Different from flow, in Yin yoga, the postures are all on the ground, held for several minutes (between three and five) to really stretch and soften the fascias in a completely passive way that you don't really work on during other practices. Based on traditional Chinese medicine and the meridians, yin is a real moment of well-being, a meditative experience, accentuated by captivating and relaxing music. Infrared lights will make the experience even more comfortable, as their warmth is so comforting. Come out re-energized and ready to start a new day.

              BONUS : If you want to test the FLOW experience, the Gentle Flow class is highly recommended: 30 minutes of flowsoft practices and 30 minutes of YIN yoga for a complete experience.

              Classes take place every day with kindness and good humor, book your mat on