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Rééquilibrez vos énergies vitales

Rebalance your vital energies

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis,

You may feel it, this constant fatigue that accompanies your days since the start of the school year... In the fall, the length of the days decreases, the sun's rays weaken and profound changes affect our mood and our physique. This season, which tends towards a return to oneself and letting go, invites us to spare ourselves and give ourselves time to pamper ourselves.

To support you as well as possible, we offer, at YUJ, an e-book, which each season offers you a multitude of precious advice to put into practice at your own pace, alone or with others, at home or anywhere else and thus attack the winter seasons with energy. For this occasion, we have teamed up with myBlend , a committed beauty brand, to accompany you through this change of season with energy and keep your complexion radiant and hydrated. Hélène, our founder, was this Tuesday with the Doctor in dermo-nutrition, Béatrice de Reynal to give us secrets and advice to get through this inter-season while being well, both inside and out. Find the live on our instagram here .

As a result, the lack of light develops this lethargic state and this feeling of extreme fatigue. At the same time, we tend not to take enough care of our sleep, which is essential for the general well-being of body and mind. To remedy this, we reveal our ritual to recharge the batteries, relax and regain vital energies...

Your sleep ritual:

  • Stop all screens at least 1 hour before bedtime. The brain will secrete melatonin and send you the end of the day signal to go to sleep.
  • Drink a large glass of water or a hot herbal tea (with thyme, it's perfect for the respiratory tract) before slipping under the duvet.
  • Sleep in a well ventilated room.
  • Try to stick to this ritual which, over time, will have significant effects on your skin, your mood, and your energy.

To accompany a restful sleep, the practice of yoga is absolutely perfect. To encourage letting go, Hélène Duval has imagined several sessions in which you can release tension and reconnect with your Being.

To rebalance your energies, our fall ebook offers you a complete program with recipes designed by Dr. De Reynal, health professional, our advice and rituals, online yoga classes and guided meditations.

For the purchase of this manual, benefit from 1 month of yoga offered on our on-demand yoga video platform YUJ YOGA + .

Finally, remember the importance of a healthy and balanced diet with the benefits of practicing yoga to obtain optimal and immediate results.

Namast' Hey yogis 🙏