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Meeting with Cécile, #YUJgirl

Marion YUJ

A brief overview

Can you introduce yourself ? Cécile Meyrier, I am 37 years old. Originally from Paris, I live in Aix en Provence. I previously worked in the luxury hotel industry and in an environmental NGO. I was an Iyengar yoga student for 11 years. Now I have been teaching Vinaysa yoga and children's yoga for 6 months in Aix and the surrounding area. I really enjoy doing this job!

As children, most girls dreamed of becoming princesses or ballerinas. Have you always aspired to become a yoga teacher? No ! Although the idea crossed my mind a few years ago. I was taking classes quite intensively but I wasn't interested. The click came about 2 years ago. It was the right time. I wanted to create and share!

When and how did this passion for yoga come to you? The passion came right away. 13 years ago now. From the very first lessons, I felt a real sense of well-being. At the time, I was only looking to move, but to move with meaning: yoga seduced me right away!

What does yoga represent in your daily life? Discipline, pleasure, discovery, creativity and a great tool to live the present moment and get to know myself better.

What is your definition of well-being? be yourself

What is your definition of happiness? be yourself

Tell us a bit about CECILE YOGA ! It's my life, it's a long apprenticeship, my passion for yoga that I want to share and if possible pass on to others. This is my vision of teaching yoga: the intelligence of the body, the present moment, alignment, creativity, breath, precision but above all pleasure!

Why Vinyasa Yoga? Because this yoga appeals to my creativity. I also like the fact that Vinyasa shakes up the codes, the well-established dogmas of yoga. In a course, I often offer students the opportunity to discover postures generally accessible to initiates or even advanced students. I also invent improbable transitions. And I love seeing my students experiment and discover that!

The PACA region

What do you like the most in Aix-en-Provence? Its dynamism. Aix en Provence offers a wide choice of cultural, sporting, gastronomic and other activities. It is a beautiful city steeped in history. The surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful. I love that this region offers me the opportunity to discover it in the open air thanks to its warm climate.

What activities allow you to relax? Shiatsu massages, walks to Sainte Victoire with my family, drinking coffee on the terrace with friends, swimming in the open sea, meditating and yoga!

Good addresses to share? Lunch a salad with lots of very fresh products from the nearby market at Fanny's, 11 rue Chastel. Drink a roast and ground coffee at the Brûlerie, Place Richelme. Read a book from the Méjanes library at the Méjane café, 10 rue des Allumettes. A facial treatment by Sandra Lagarde from the Les Petits Soins institute, 41 rue Granet. See a dance performance at Ballet Preljocaj, 530 avenue Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Finally, take a dip at the beach of Ste Croix in Carry le Rouet

For you, "the place to be" is? At home, in his heart. Love what! To cultivate as a daily mantra!


Musically speaking, which artists get you high? Getting high: Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Lapsey, Odesza, Jon Hopkins, Hozier and many more!

A quote or a proverb that speaks to you? “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”. I don't know who it is but it speaks to me. Work, see progress day after day. Sometimes it's difficult. But when you look at all this from afar, there is so much satisfaction in observing the progress made!

Your "perfect day" comes down to? A morning practice, a hot lemon (summer) or a chai tea latte (winter), a lunch with my lover on the terrace, playing football with my children and a meditation in the evening before going to bed. But the perfect day is when I manage to live the moment, there, now!

Rather "sea, sand, sun" or "the mountain wins you over"? “Sea, sand and sun” but I would like to discover “the mountain, it wins you over” with my children, I'm sure we would love it!