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Meeting with Laura, #YUJgirl

Marion YUJ

A brief overview

Can you introduce yourself ? My name is Laure Quennepoix, I am 40 years old and I am a Hatha Yoga teacher in La Ciotat, in the south of France.

I started yoga just after the arrival of my little girl, now 8 years old and whom we adopted in Senegal. From an early age, sport was part of my life, until I graduated from the Faculty of Sports Sciences after 5 years of study. The intense practice of windsurfing as well as the difficulties of life ended up getting the better of my back and my mind. I was stressed and my body was hurting me. In short, not terrible! Despite the pain, the long hours spent on the water with my husband, cruising, windsurfing, or stand-up paddleboarding, were my only breaths of fresh air.

When and how did this passion for yoga come to you? I've always wanted to do yoga, which is very present in the world of sliding sports, but I was putting it off. And then one day, I started and took my first trial lesson, it was time... A real shock. Yoga literally falls on me. Here I am conquered. It was a revelation. But very quickly, my 2 hours a week were no longer enough for me. Yoga brings me a lot on a daily basis, but I wanted to understand, deepen the techniques as well as this very rich philosophy. At first, I followed several courses on various themes such as c(h)akra or pranayama (breaths). Then in 2012, I started training in the studio of Hélène Guiter, a student of André van Lysbeth and Christian Tikhomiroff. I give group and private lessons in my small workshop as well as at events related to yoga or sliding sports. Yoga is an integral part of my daily life. It offers my body and mind a way to rebalance itself.

What does this represent in your daily life? All the resources are within us and yoga allows us to update them, to reveal them. Whatever yoga you practice, the background remains the same. It is a question of finding in oneself the resources allowing access to physical well-being and mental stability. I try to practice, apart from the lessons I give, at least 1 hour a day... Even when traveling, my mat is always with me. I also like to find workshops on site and meet other teachers. These are always beautiful moments of sharing and they enrich my own teaching.

What is your favorite YUJ product? I was immediately a big fan of YUJ. The brand universe immediately caught my eye. My favorite products are the ASANA bra, exceptionally comfortable, and the DOUDOU sweater in which I nestle even off the mat.

The world

What is your favorite country so far? My favorite country is undoubtedly Senegal. The Senegalese are wonderful people. We spent 4 very intense months there during the adoption of our daughter. We are thinking of going back there soon to introduce our princess to this beautiful country.

Good addresses to share? The first address I would like to share is the Cinéma Eden-Théâtre in La Ciotat. We are the cradle of cinema and this is the oldest in the world. The choice of films is extremely varied and relevant. Every Wednesday, they organize a Ciné-gourmand for children. An hour of animated film (from all over the world, adults also enjoy it), followed by an organic snack and a creative workshop. I adore. My second address is more gourmet. It's Café Borély in Marseille. Their Sunday Brunches are outstanding. This is the café/restaurant adjoining the Borély museum. Their vegetarian plate is a killer. The owner and his wife come to practice in my workshop!

For you, "the place to be" is it? For me, the place to be is without a doubt La Ciotat. At the edge of the sea, the creeks, the hills...and the mountain within 3 hours. It is a city where life is good. A small village spirit with all the advantages of the big city without the disadvantages.


In the cinema, which actors/directors make you dream? No actress really makes me dream but I confess to having always admired the class and elegance of Julia Roberts.

A quote that defines you? I love Seneca's quote: "Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain." She speaks to me a lot...

What does a day in the life of Laure look like? My typical day starts at 7am. I wake up my daughter and take the time to give her a big hug in my bed. It's a moment never to be skipped. We get up around 7:20 a.m. and I prepare his breakfast for him. For my part, I always start with a lemon juice in hot water and a spoonful of honey. We take our time. 8:15 am, we leave for school. On foot, by bike or scooter, depending on the mood. Back home, I go to my workshop (at the bottom of my garden) to prepare for the morning lessons. If I don't have slots, I dedicate 1h30 to my personal practice. Sometimes, if the weather allows it, I put on my wetsuit, I fix my paddle on the roof of my twingo and I go rowing for 2 hours. My daughter doesn't eat in the canteen, so I pick her up between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Afternoons are often devoted to the activities of a classic stay-at-home mom, but that can change very quickly. Windsurfing, paddleboarding, yoga... can very quickly change my schedule. 4:30 p.m., I pick up my daughter from school, then I prepare for the evening workshops. It's very difficult to describe my typical day, I'm a sailor's wife and I have to manage my daily life alone for a good part of the year. Outside of my fixed class slots, every day is different and I love that.