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Meet Lida, #YUJgirl

Marion YUJ

A brief overview

Can you introduce yourself ? My passion for the human body began by becoming a Pilates teacher, then it quickly took me further into the study of the body, movement, Somato-Psych Pedagogy...

When and how did this passion for yoga come to you? 8 years ago after a sentimental Tsunami.

What does this represent in your daily life? Part of my job and especially my haven of peace!

Do you find time to practice during your travels? I try to find the time, if only for a few minutes, to connect with my body through breathing and movement and above all to savor the serenity that this brings me.

What is your favorite YUJ product? I like everything I admit, it's Fashion/sport/chic!

My favorite "Mulhadara" leggings, a real "cuddly toy" that you don't want to leave

The world

What is your favorite country so far? I dream of visiting many countries, but I am a fan of the United States. National parks, the desert, California...

Good addresses to share? Hum terrible question I have loved so many countries: from the kindness of the people in Colombia to the incredible beaches of Zanzibar, from the serenity of Sri Lanka to the hot waterfalls of Costa Rica, the sunrises in Serengeti in Tanzania... I believe that I will not answer! Everything is so different and I feed on this richness.

For you, is “the place to be”? In Kerala (in southern India) "Raheem Residency" a beautiful historic residence from the 1860s (belonging to a wealthy merchant who loved Ghandi so much and received him in the same residence many times), now purchased and renovated by an enthusiast who transformed it into a small hotel with 10 rooms.


In the cinema, which actors/directors make you dream? Steven Spielberg Guillaume Canet, Ben Affleck and two, although clichés, but I love: Brad Pitt and Jonny Depp.

A quote that defines you? "Detach yourself from everything to be indifferent to nothing".

What does a day in the life of Audrey look like? I often get up in a very good mood, I make myself a good squeezed lemon that I love, then huge hugs to my daughter.

Once at school, I check my emails...with a double Nespresso that I savor to the full (I know it's not very yogi)! Then if I have time for an hour of Yogalates (mixtures of Pilates and yoga) and I add the movements that my body needs that day, or, I do pure Yoga. Afterwards I devour a big apple and I go to my appointments (I am a movement therapist and private coach). At 2 p.m. I come back to eat at home on the menu, often quinoa/vegetables...and in winter I end up with tons of nuts and dark chocolate! The afternoon of client appointments, but above all various and varied studies, Somato psycho pedagogy, and once a week energy and Shiatsu. Then I get my sweet, snack... and I leave... And I come back, do some shopping for dinner... Once my daughter is in bed, I bind and study again. When she's not with me, I dine out with my man and/or friends...
Even if sometimes the days are alike, I always make sure to bring change and above all novelty to give "meaning" to my life path and above all, sprinkle it with joy.