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Meeting with Liliane, #YUJgirl

Marion YUJ

A brief overview

Can you introduce yourself ? My name is Liliane, I'm 36, I'm a fan of fashion golf and a big yoga addict. Am passionate about the life of happiness. I am from Antwerp who lived between Israel / London / Paris to settle recently in Brussels near my relatives.

When and how did this passion for yoga come to you? I started yoga a little over 1 year ago, a little skeptical, telling myself that I, who love to move, love zumba classes with loud music, I'm going to hate being in a quiet room for 1:30 and strangely I immediately loved at first the idea was to de-stress me from the crazy life that we never lead I never thought it would change my life so much. But very quickly yoga brought me back much more than that, I found a certain calm, a feeling of well-being, serenity and everything became obvious in my life. I feel like I've searched all my life for what I really wanted to do with my life, only to realize that's what I wanted to do 'help people' try to bring them back through yoga the sophrology calm a feeling of well-being. Felt so good that my only goal is to share it with everyone. I want to help people find well-being, calm, this great feeling of fullness, that's why I started studying sophrology / mindfulness + yoga.

What does this represent in your daily life? Yoga has a huge importance in my life, no matter what crazy day awaits me I start each morning with sun salutations stretching and the same before going to sleep I take the time to meditate and I end with a cocooning yoga. It allows me to start my days calmly and fall asleep feeling totally serene.

What is your favorite YUJ product? My NAMASTE PARIS sweater, my upside-down dog tank tops, MY KARMA IS YUJ, my overly stylish towel….Too hard to choose, I find this collection so colourful, stylish, young, trendy that I like everything about YUJ.

The world

What is your favorite country so far? Israel (Tel Aviv) for youth, their beach bars, magical beaches, streets with so much history…

Good addresses to share? In Belgium we have a bar called the bar "the pharmacy", The bar has taken over an old pharmacy and the concept is fun and really original. The place is worth a visit and the cocktails are made by pros. To be tested without hesitation Primrose Hill in London, a great place to picknick (where you can meet Jude Law) Shuk Hapishpeshim: the Jaffa flea market (south of Tel Aviv) an open-air flea market full of treasures There are cafes full of charming place to enjoy home-made cuisine, antique stands, artistic performances, dancers, yoga areas... In short, an event not to be missed.

For you, is “the place to be”? Golf course / yoga mat two totally different sensations but which brings me a sense of calm, soothes me and allows me a total disconnection


In the cinema, which actors/directors make you dream? Surely a bit cliché;) but a fan of Patrick Bruel the actor in the 5 fingers and the first name, exceptional personable presence, Fan fan fan of Yvan Attal the actor and the director, I also really like the work of Cédric Klapish.

A quote that defines you? Success is falling down 7 times getting up eight times.

What does a day in the life of Liliane look like? I wake up at 6:30 a.m. to meditate on my zafu followed by a sun salutation / I take hot lemon ginger water / Then I go to the office (I work for a recruitment office) during lunch break I go to my class of yoga. My evenings are shared between yoga classes, my sophro studies, and as soon as the weather permits I go to my golf club to do a little training. Being in nature surrounded by green calms me deeply.