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Perrine's "Tips", #YUJgirl

Marion YUJ

Perrine, our nutrition expert Yogista who left everything for yoga.

His stance:

I am currently 6 months pregnant and I really like practicing Sarvangasana, the candlestick. This posture relieves my legs at the circulatory level as well as my perineum which no longer has to support the weight of the baby, which is inverted.

His healthy advice:

I'm a fan of sprouted seeds, I put them everywhere, especially on less "healthy" dishes like pasta or homemade pizza, to boost them in enzymes, vitamins and minerals! Alfalfa seeds are very easy to germinate at home and/or easy to find in organic stores.

To follow Perrine's advice, here is a recipe:

- 300 g of tagliatelle

- 20 cl of soy cream

- 4 tbsp. parmesan cheese

- 2 handfuls of sprouted sunflower seeds

- 2 handfuls of sprouted leek seeds

Cook your tagliatelle in salted water. In a skillet, heat the cream and add parmesan. Drain your pasta. Once they are cooked, pour them into your pan with the cream-parmesan mixture. Add your handfuls of sprouted seeds and mix everything over high heat. Serve hot :)

Find other recipes for sprouted seeds on mes-graines-germees .

His favorite YUJ piece:

The sublime yoga mat ! Its warm and shimmering colors take me a little further in my practice every day.