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Back to Zen: daily well-being

Gael Duval

Back to school is already here and old habits are coming back at a gallop. STOP! Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by a noisy and poorly organized daily life. There's still time to start back to school in "Zen" mode.

Give yourself 5 MINUTES a day.

We start our day with "sun salutations" to capture the energy of the sun.

Asana 1:  Breathe deeply, standing up straight, feet together and arms along the body. Exhale while joining the two palms against each other in order to greet, “namaste”.

Asana 2:  As you exhale, arms stretched skyward, palms facing each other. Stretch back trying to stay tense. Breathe for a few seconds in this pose.

Asana 3:  As you exhale, lean forward, place your hands on the floor next to your feet, your head towards your knees. Inhale and exhale.

Asana 4:  While inhaling, extend the right leg as far as possible, toes bent, hands on the ground. Head to the sky.

Asana 5  : Holding your breath, hands on the ground, stretch your legs. Distribute your weight on your hands and toes. Inhale and exhale.  

Asana 6: As you exhale, lower your chest and knees to the floor. Keeping the pelvis lifted, rest the chin or forehead on the floor. Take 2 or 3 breaths in this pose.


We continue to take care of ourselves. It is important to feel radiant every day and not just during the holidays. Vacation nostalgia often begins with the loss of your tan and dark circles marked by everyday life. Above all, don't hesitate to do everything to keep your tanned complexion. You can exfoliate or simply hydrate with lemon water.

Above all, so that the start of the school year goes smoothly, we don't hesitate to clear our minds by making "to-do-lists". A clear mind will allow you to do your job without stress. A stress-free job leads to better results and a feeling of personal satisfaction. And , “tomorrow we will get up with happiness” for a Zen return to school.