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Retrouvez confiance en vous: postures avancées et variations

Regain Your Confidence: Advanced Postures and Variations

Helene YUJ

Flying Pigeon and Ashtavakrasana

To deepen his knowledge of yoga, to perfect his practice… such is the will of a passionate yogi. Indeed, this practice is for us a continual source of well-being and helps us to go through the different stages of our lives while having a common, constructive and reassuring thread: yoga.

This is why YUJ decides to take you even further in this passion by deepening certain postures to increase control of your body and mind. Because let's not forget, YUJ in the Sanskrit language means alignment, union, of body and mind.

Regain your self-confidence and take flight

Self-confidence can be born and grow in different ways and these two positions are a good start!

The positions of the flying pigeon and Ashtavakrasana , which combine both strength and flexibility, allow you to find this inner rooting and this much sought-after stability. The resulting concentration is a founding element of self-confidence to achieve your goals, and proves to you that anything is possible, regardless of your level.

A bit of history: the Ashtavakrasana posture… also known as the eight-angled posture

This position takes the name of a sage who lived in the Videha kingdom, and his name means “one whose body is deformed in eight places”. Despite the spell cast on him which made his body malformed, Ashtavakrasana retained his wisdom and became a great spiritual master.

This posture then takes on its full meaning and is filled with a very strong symbolism: regardless of his morphology, the yogi does not use his body to create postures and variations but uses the postures to enter his body, and so feel all the energies there.

“You are not the body nor is the body yours, you are not the doer of actions nor the reaper of their consequences. You are pure conscience, you are the witness who needs nothing. So you live happily.”

- Ashtavakra Gita 15.4

Be involved, motivated... Don't give up!

And yes ! All these small victories, starting with the culmination of yoga positions of different levels, lead to greater successes. Indeed, when you achieve this, your mind will follow your movements and your physical strength, and then you will be proud and prepared to win new battles.

To help you master these two postures that are so beneficial in your yoga practice, Laura Cochet will accompany you through a workshop this Saturday, February 20 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on our online studio .

Forward yogis, to your mats! :)