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Saluez notre lune !

Salute our moon!

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis,

Did you know that the eighth full moon of the year will take place this Friday the 12th at 3:36 a.m.?

This is the last “Super Moon” of the year. Accompanied by a shower of shooting stars from comet Swift-Tuttle, it will appear brighter, closer (by 14% please) and its effects will be considered for some, much more significant.

A real landmark for us yogis, the moon symbolizes appeasement, the perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries, regenerate our energies, actively listen to nothing, silence...

Thus, the practice of the moon salutation (in Sanskrit: chandra namaskar) calls on our YIN energy, which nourishes calm and well-being.

It will also require less strength and energy than the Sun Salutation.

For this occasion, why not pay homage to our moon?

Our teachers have created for you yogis, a course rocked by inspiring playlists to greet our moon and engage your yin energies. I advise you to book your lesson before it's too late.

For the bravest, we invite you to do it at the very moment of the full moon, followed by a time of meditation or mindfulness, because here too, 3:30 am is the best time to find yourself with your Being...

So take this time for yourself, as with any yoga practice. Sit down, comfortably, close your eyes, let yourself go with your breath and your thoughts and observe. Then, once you feel ready, lengthen the inspirations by inflating the belly, always exhaling through the nostrils. Install your “ujjayi” breath (our “ocean” breath. As a reminder, it strongly resembles the gentle rolling sound of the waves), you are ready to begin your greeting.

Last advice, and not least, take pleasure in every movement you make, feel, live this moment.

Namast Hey 🙏