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Supermoon for a Supermood

Marion YUJ
Everyone is talking about it these days, with more than five million searches on the internet, we confirm that the supermoon is coming.

Indeed tonight very precisely from 5:42 p.m., we will be able to contemplate a spectacular night sky. Officially, on November 14, 2016, we will be able to witness the rise of a supermoon also called "supermoon".

In a few words we explain the supermoon to you: it is simply the fact that the moon will be closer to the earth so it will appear bigger and much brighter than usual. This is the biggest moon since 1948.

The supermoon is synonymous with "supermood" because it is a time of renewal. This is the time for you to clarify your intentions and give yourself goals for the future in order to create positive space in your life. Nothing better than such an event to disconnect from what is suffocating us.

We offer you some tips for completely disconnecting:
Turn off your phone, light candles with essential oils and drink a hot lemon tea.

We advise you to put yourself in Savasana . Great posture to welcome the supermoon. Disconnect, relax and take a deep breath tonight to clear your mind. This posture will allow you to become aware of your body and release all tensions for complete relaxation under a supermoon.

Then, light up with your most beautiful clothes in homage to the moon, which for several centuries has embodied femininity. We therefore fall for our sublime organic cotton T-shirt " VOULEZ-VOUS ", its elegant cut will make you a woman in perfect harmony for this very special night!