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Coelia's "Tips", #YUJgirl

Marion YUJ

Coelia, our globe-trotting yogista who has made yoga her travel essential, shares with us her 3 "tips" of the moment.

His stance:

Dancer poses. I think that's always been my favorite posture. I find it graceful and above all I really feel an opening in the chest and shoulders. You have to submit completely in this pose and the flow of energies is incredibly powerful because the heart and throat chakras are quite exposed.

His healthy advice:

Before a yoga class, I never eat, because I start all my sessions with breathing (pranayama) and detox (kriyas) exercises which are more effective and less unpleasant on an empty stomach. I try not to drink either before or during class (for energy reasons). On the other hand, I drink a large bottle of water, about 30 minutes after my lesson.

His favorite YUJ piece:

Definitely my SKY leggings. It's one of my favorite clothes, I even wear it in everyday life, with a little pair of white Converse!!! I especially love the high waist and especially the diagonal finish at the ankles.