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Laure's "Tips", #YUJgirl.

Marion YUJ

Laure is our very athletic Yogista! She shares with us her wise advice to be in harmony with our body.

My favorite pose:

Ushtrasana , or camel pose. Before the arrival of yoga in my life, I had a lot of back pain (windsurfing from a very young age) and I forbade myself any backward bending. Not only was it a mistake for me, but this posture strengthened my lower back and made the pain disappear. Moreover it opens the space of the heart and unblocks the throat. Magic to facilitate the passage of breath! I have become an ushtrasana addict!

His healthy advice:

My healthy advice will always be the juice of half a lemon in warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. But I also noticed that at the end of the meal, it facilitates digestion.

It is also important to let your intestine rest for at least 12 hours to give it time to breathe a little. We will choose the night (simpler). We therefore try to leave 12 hours between the evening meal (healthy of course) and breakfast. You will see that we feel lighter!

His favorite YUJ piece:

I never travel without my PATANJALI t-shirt! The organic cotton is very pleasant and despite the washes and the hours of practice, it has not moved.