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Torsions & équilibre

Twists & Balance

Helene YUJ

Hello yogis!

Today we are going to discuss how to combine twists and balance in your yoga postures.

First of all, twists, what are they?

Also called twist, torsions are the set of movements that allow you to turn around the axis of the spine. There are several types of twists: standing, lying, sitting, half twists...

The physical benefits of twists

For yogis with back pain, twists help relax the back and regain greater mobility. This will improve your posture and relieve your back pain.

The twists also have a great impact on the digestive system: compressing the digestive tract when twisting and then releasing them acts like a massage on it.

This massage will have an action both on the proper functioning of the entire digestive system, but also helps to resolve all emotional tensions.

Known to be the center of emotions, it is by working on your digestive system through twists that you can release your emotional tensions.

The place of balance in yoga

In yoga, connecting to yourself, being in the present moment are key elements to anchor yourself as well as possible and achieve balance in your postures.

To achieve a good balance in your postures, you must combine strength to maintain the posture, alignment to achieve balance and finally attention to be connected to the present moment.

How to combine twists and balance?

First, you will need to prepare for handstand poses by warming up your wrists for all handstand poses. Our teacher Laura Cochet also advises working on the kapalabhati breath, the breath of fire. This powerful and energizing breathing includes a slow inspiration and a rapid expiration, the two breaths must alternate quickly.

You are now ready to practice twisting postures in balance such as: grasshopper, eka pada koundiyasana 1 & 2.