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Viser la lune… ça ne me fait pas peur !

Aiming for the moon... that doesn't scare me!

Helene YUJ

Aiming for the moon... that doesn't scare me!

Dear yogis, you who are sensitive to lunar cycles, the night will be lit by the first full moon of 2021 on this Thursday, January 28. And as we are entering a period of transformation between the winter solstice and the spring solstice… we are in the midst of turbulence! This full moon is placed under the sign of Leo, so it will be powerful and highly charged with energy. To calm these down, dear yogis, this is a time for you to lay down your sankalpa and take stock of your intentions. As we are loaded with a mental and physical weight, it is time to prepare and live this full moon as a manifestation of a renewal, and thus find this inner liberation. For this, we advise you to favor flexibility through our yoga class and take advantage of these turbulences to slow down!

And if you want a boost to regain your motivation and your inner light, we have created a unique and tailor-made program for this weekend, the "Happiness Therapy Program". And yes, after the moon comes the sun!

So what are your intentions?

See you soon yogis :)