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Yin Yang Yin Yang... et voilà l'automne !

Yin Yang Yin Yang... and here comes autumn!

Helene Duval

Fatigue, stiff joints, melancholy or even sadness… but everything is fine! Autumn is setting in and we are going to change our little summer rituals to welcome this new season with calm and inner strength. Autumn invites us to let go and let go of everything we no longer need. Autumn is under the influence of the Metal element connected to the lungs, the large intestine, the nose, the skin.

Let's start by talking about the intestine whose physical and mental balance is first born in the belly: the intestine contains more than 100 million neurons, produces 70 to 85% of the body's immune cells, 95% of the serotonin (happiness hormone) and hosts more than 100,000 billion bacteria.

The balance of this organ can therefore be fragile and unstable. The flora that colonizes the intestine is an ecosystem whose slightest change will affect both our physical health and our mental health; all physiological functions are involved.

Our intestines not only have the role of finalizing the digestion of food but they must also take care of the "digestion" of our emotions, sources of many ailments.

The lungs have the main function of distributing and circulating all the energies of the body. The lung is associated with the nose, sinuses, throat, larynx, and trachea. A weak lung function will make the body more vulnerable to climatic atmospheres.

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Our advice for putting down roots in this wet and windy weather

Do a marine plasma cure at each change of season! Very good against fatigue, anemia, eczema, digestive problems - take one ampoule on an empty stomach, every morning, for 20 days, and you will be on top!

On the skincare side, let your skin breathe by cleansing the skin with gentle scrubs.

  • plants and plants

Prefer the artichoke which contributes to the proper functioning of the liver; rosemary, black radish and dandelion which contribute to hepatobiliary drainage; ginger and caraway which contribute to good intestinal and digestive function; burdock and blackcurrant leaves which support elimination functions; coriander which helps eliminate toxins.

  • The essentials on the plate

Eat garlic (which contains allicin, a compound that turns into a sulfur-like substance that helps the intestines excrete toxins); beetroot (it metabolizes fatty acids thanks to the methionine and betanin it contains, and strengthens the functioning of the liver); avocado (its consumption presents an excellent way of transforming stored toxins into water-soluble toxins, which facilitates their excretion), watercress (it contains chlorophyll which improves blood circulation and produces detoxifying enzymes).

  • cozy clothes

Who says autumn says cocooning: find here all our YUJ sweatshirts to face autumn gently.

  • Your yoga practice

Privilege a calm practice, which warms and roots! Here is a little yoga session that will stimulate the lungs and intestines:

Repeat the entire Sun Salutation 5 times to warm up your body. On the ground, do some twisting postures for the elimination of toxins, and of course finish with the Savasana posture for at least 10 minutes for relaxation.

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