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Dis-moi comment est ton tapis, je te dirai comment est ta pratique !

Tell me how your mat is, I'll tell you how your practice is!

Helene Duval

Middle photo credit @jet_in_


You understood, no practice without a mat! The yoga mat is the essential accessory of the yogi. On your carpet you will spend time, you will spend your energy... it will quickly become your best friend! You might as well choose it well so that it will be faithful to you for a long time.

The story of the creation of YUJ dates back to 2014, when Hélène Duval , then a yoga teacher, decided to create the first French brand of yoga clothing and accessories.

While she traveled often, fully loaded with her three children and frustrated at not having enough space or enough arms to carry her yoga mat, she decided to develop a mat that could be transported everywhere and all the time, beautiful and light.

Since then, YUJ yoga mats have been found every day in your home and in our studios . Tested and approved by yoga addicts, whether beginners, intermediates, experts or teachers, our mats have quickly become must-haves. We tell you why:


The YUJ yoga mat will never leave you! It rolls up and folds up, so you can slip it into your shopping bag or suitcase, or wear it slung over your shoulder.


The YUJ mat also follows the ethical lifestyle of the yogi while respecting the environment. Latex-free, silicone-free and phthalate-free, our mats are made of biodegradable and recyclable rubber and are tinted with water.


In addition to their natural and ecological material, YUJ mats are covered with a faux suede fabric to make your practice softer and more pleasant to the touch. Our mats are non-slip but we still advise you to moisten them with a water-based spray and essential oils in order to perfect their adhesion.


Beware of prejudices! A thick yoga mat will not allow you to perform better during your practice. On the contrary, a thin carpet allows you to be more in contact with the ground and therefore to root yourself well in order to help you progress in your postures and your balances.


We advise you to machine wash your mat once or twice before first use for optimal adhesion. After use, your mat will be cold washed. For drying, no worries! The YUJ carpet dries very quickly in the open air.

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