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Anne Lise Doidy

For the third consecutive year, YUJ launches YUJ YOGA EXPERIENCE. More than yoga retreats, these are real life experiences to go further in your practice.

This year, discover three stays with different themes and different teachers but one goal: to allow you to take a break from your busy life, to breathe and recharge your batteries. Each start of the season has inspired a retreat, for a smooth transition and in good conditions.

In March, Laure Dary, teacher at YUJ YOGA STUDIO and professional dancer, will join Romain Bourlanges, also a teacher at YUJ, for three days to discover your balance. See you from March 26 in Ajaccio in Corsica for a yoga course between sea and mountains, yin and yang. Check out the program here .

In June, Hélène Duval, founder of YUJ and creator of the YUJ YOGA FLOW method, joins Faustine Cressot, director of the YUJ teacher training school, for a three-day experience in Calvi. Enter the summer full of positive energies and in great shape! Full details here .

In September, to end the summer well and above all to approach the start of the new school year serenely, leave with Hélène Duval and Fred Choukroun, YUJ master yogi, for the traditional back-to-school retreat in Calvi in ​​Corsica. Explore this experience here .


In the planning of these three experiments?

Yoga, yoga and more yoga! But also, hikes between sea and mountains that will allow you to reconnect with nature. 100% detox, healthy and fresh menus created by the hotel's chefs (vegan options possible). Several hours of yoga a day, yang in the morning with flow classes, more yin and gentle in the evening to end the day in style. To complete the stay, massages at the hotel spa for total relaxation. All in kindness and positive energy to leave re-energized and ready to face the challenges that life offers us.

And if you still have any doubts, here are 5 good reasons to go on a yoga retreat:

  • Meet people : Have you ever heard the expression "Meet the right people at the right time?" Retreats are the perfect example. The fabulous setting and the small group of participants (15 maximum) all passionate about yoga make the encounters strong in emotions. Every year beautiful friendships are formed!

  • Progress in your practice: Several yoga classes will be offered to you for a deepening of the postures, to improve your breathing and your meditation. The framework will allow you to exercise in complete serenity in order to let go and devote yourself solely to your practice, no more negative thoughts! The three or four hours of daily yoga are really an opportunity to deepen what does not have time to be apprehended during a traditional course.

  • Take a break from your daily life: This detox parenthesis allows you to reconnect with yourself and get to know yourself better. You will take the time for yourself without worrying about others, or your daily life. The exercises are favorable to a perfect serenity and detach you from the daily pressure. Everything will be done to meditate, to resolve the points of tension, to anchor oneself in the present moment. The practice also allows you to reveal your true potential and gain self-confidence to return home transformed.

  • Connect with nature: Imagine doing your flow with a view of the sea and the mountains! It is an idyllic setting to breathe pure air, listen to the sound of waves and birds. Leave room for introspection, in order to reconnect with yourself in a peaceful and enchanting environment. During your hikes you will have the chance to discover the Corsican nature with these rocky landscapes. In the space of 4 days you will get out of this pollution which surrounds us whether it is sound or environmental. Give way to the connection between body, mind and nature.

  • Fill up on energy: Yoga, a practice with innumerable benefits that you know well, will allow you to regain positive energy. The dishes offered by the chefs are also an opportunity for a good nutritional rebalancing.


So see you soon for what may be the experience of your life! And in the meantime, we meet in the studios for ever more flow.