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Our studios are equipped with soft and comforting infrared lights. The heat penetrates directly into muscle tissue to deeply cleanse, evacuate toxins and gain flexibility.


Since 2017, YUJ YOGA STUDIO has offered a unique well-being experience for all levels. 60 minutes in the dark to let yourself go far from the tumult of your thoughts.


Yoga, Pilates, Yin... Our yoga classes are real experiences to the rhythm of inspiring playlists. The music transports you to total letting go.


YUJ YOGA STUDIO is the first French yoga studio with infrared light. This method was discovered in the 1960s in Japan by Dr Tadashi Ishikawa who noted its numerous health properties. The virtues of this heat are numerous. On a physical level, it reaches the muscle tissues and generates significant heating within the muscles and internal organs, causing significant sweating. This sweating allows you to get rid of toxins, digestive waste and up to 97% of heavy metals. On the mental side, this gentle and comforting warmth allows you to completely let go.

Yoga & Pilates

Yin Detox

All levels

A deep exploration to let go and take the time to feel the postures on the ground.


All levels

A course to regain your baby's flexibility and feel your breath deep within yourself. Particularly recommended for people with joint stiffness

Infra Pilates

All levels

Based on the teaching of Pilates, this muscle strengthening class particularly focused on the stomach will provide you with general well-being.

Gentle Flow


30 minutes of Flow followed by 30 minutes of postures on the ground for a gentle practice. This class is an in-depth exploration of yoga based on building, aligning and strengthening postures, ideal for beginners or more advanced yogis who want to review the basics of yoga.


Level 1 - Beginner to Intermediate

Level 2 - Intermediate to advanced

Creative sequencing of yoga postures allowing you to find a deep connection to yourself. This class filled with positive energies is a unique experience at YUJ YOGA STUDIO to clear the mind and sculpt your body.

Fire & Inversions

Advanced level

30 minutes of preparation for inversions followed by 30 minutes of inversions and balances workshop. Energy reboot guaranteed!

First time at YUJ?

Remember to arrive 10 minutes before the start of class. The studio doors close 5 minutes after the start of the class. Out of respect for others and to maintain the temperature of the room, no late entries will be accepted.
We provide you with yoga mats, bolsters and bricks for your practice. You can also bring your own equipment.
Our studios are equipped with showers, towels and key or code lockers. We are not responsible for your personal affairs.


Yoga infratherapy, at 25°C, is suitable for everyone. We nevertheless need authorization from your doctor if you are:
  • Pregnant
  • Prone to heart disease
  • Prone to hypertension, hypotension or heart failure
  • If you are taking diuretic, barbiturate, or beta-blocker medications