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Sweat Spiritual Babe

Activate Your Inner Fire Through The Solar Chakra

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Since at YUJ we love life, and we live it to the fullest, everywhere, all the time, we attach particular importance to our solar chakra.

The Manipura Chakra - Decryption

The energy of life, the vital force (the “prana” in Sanskrit) that we have inside us, this is what the chakras represent. Traditional India admits seven principal ones, and thousands secondary. It is thanks to this extremely developed circuit that energy circulates in our body, which is why it is important to understand them and know how to control them. Starting from the top of the skull to the end of the spine, each has its own color, function and usefulness.

Above the navel is the solar plexus chakra, the Manipura chakra in Sanskrit. Represented by the color yellow, it activates luminous energy, similar to the energy of the sun. A harmonious Manipura chakra leads to a radiance, a natural aura of the person. It also leads to fair and strong self-confidence, neither too much nor too little. It gives the strength to be yourself and to find all your inner power. It is not for nothing that the element of this chakra is fire, and that it is always linked with power and will.

It is also this chakra that is responsible for the digestive system and a healthy liver. If a person has problems relating to this, it will therefore be very wise for them to work and strengthen this chakra.

How to energize it?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to be stressed and to spend your days locked up, which in the long term can lead to a weakness or even a blockage of this chakra. Here are our few tips, which at YUJ we apply regularly, to ensure a healthy chakra.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a great way to awaken all your chakras. So we recommend practicing as much as possible. To touch the Manipura chakra more deeply, the camel posture (Ustrasana in Sanskrit) is particularly recommended. It stretches all the abdominal muscles and therefore stimulates the digestive system.

Regarding meditation, try to start this simple exercise:

  • With your hands resting at the level of the solar plexus (above the navel, in the middle of the abdomen), you can breathe deeply, imagining strong, bright, bright yellow energy flowing through your body with each inhale and exhale. Let it flood you, and repeat the exercise several times. Slowly you will feel the energy animating you, and over time, your chakra will energize. Meditation is not an obvious exercise, it is normal during the first sessions not to feel immediate effects, and to see yourself overwhelmed with thoughts of all kinds. The practice is refined and increases in power over time.

Vitamin D and fresh air

In addition, it is of course very important to expose yourself to natural light as much as possible. Try to take the fresh air as much as possible, to ventilate your body and mind but also to fill up with the precious vitamin D, generated by the sun. Enjoying a sunset or a sunrise can be a good way to stimulate your Manipura chakra.

novelty and challenge

Since this is the chakra of assertiveness, it is also important to challenge yourself, to stimulate it again and again. Do whatever you've been dreaming of doing for a long time, that trip, that activity, or even that whatever project you've been thinking about for a while but haven't done yet. Trying something new or pushing yourself to meet new people can be very beneficial.

Get closer to the sun

The color of this chakra being yellow, anything that can remind you of the sun and its energy via this color is good for activating it. This can go through the entourage, for example by bringing you closer and surrounding you with bright and positive people, whose solar energy becomes contagious.

At YUJ, we have our Spiritual Babe sweatshirt to remind us of our inner strength and our solar energy. But we also have YUJ Yoga Studios , whose concept is partly inspired by the intense heat that the sun gives off. We have installed infrared lights there, to warm the body and detoxify it. Infratherapy has a lot of benefits including detoxifying, since UV rays (those good for the skin) can penetrate up to 4 cm of skin, and thus intensely cleanse the body.

YUJ Yoga Studios

For people whose Manipura Chakra has been weak and inactive for a long time, it may take time to see a difference. Don't be discouraged, activation can be slow but extremely beneficial nonetheless. After all, it is worth trying, in order to finally have the courage to live your life as you want.