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Anahata Rituals

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Last month of 2018, December is the most spiritual month of the year but can be very stressful: the files to be finished before the holidays, the race for gifts, the organization of holiday meals...

Yet it is time to refocus, to take care of yourself. We therefore do not hesitate to protect ourselves before the holidays: eat less, avoid unnecessary outings, go to bed early, disconnect more often and rather do activities that inspire us.

Also take stock of all that you have accomplished this year and of which you are proud, express your gratitude for all these advances.

Perhaps you have accumulated during these last 11 months some tensions on your shoulders, accentuated by the cold which pushes you to contract them unconsciously. Or some frustrations, vexations, anger in your heart center: Anahata (the energy center of December.)

We therefore offer you some postures that are easy to integrate into your routine to soften the rib cage and free the shoulders in order to end the year lighter!

offering of the heart

After taking your seat; where you have taken the time to refocus and breathe mindfully for your yoga practice; come and place your fingertips behind your pelvis and press them into the ground to raise your heart. Stay in this posture for 5 long, deep breaths.

Puppy Pose - Uttana Shishosana

Starting from the posture of the table; after doing your "cat/cow" to wake up your spine, for example, walk your hands towards the front of the mat to put your forehead on the ground. Be sure to keep your hips above your knees. Come and breathe consciously in the area of ​​your rib cage and on each exhalation, feel your chest always getting a little closer to the ground. This posture opens the shoulders and spine and helps strengthen the arms.

Uttanasana with fingers intertwined behind the back

A variation of the forward bend to incorporate into your sun salutations, ideal for warming up and loosening the shoulders!

In your greetings, stay longer in your Cobra and Upward Facing Dog poses.

High lunge with cactus arms

Continue in your greetings by adding the high slit where you come to open your cactus arms and go slightly backwards, proudly exposing your heart!

In practice: Inhale deeply bringing your arms forward and exhale with the cactus arms backwards (you can keep your back knee on the ground if you lack balance). 

Dhanurasana - The Bow

After your greetings with the proposed variations, you are ready to take the posture of the bow: Dhanurasana. Come flat sale on the floor. Bend both legs and grab your ankles with your hands and on the inhale raise your chest and push your feet into your hands to lift your legs. The weight of the body then rests on the abdomen. Hold the pose for 5 breaths.

Wonderful end of year celebrations, take care of yourself and Namast'hey!


Thanks to our yogi Hélène for the photos at YUJ Yoga Studio , anchored on her LEOKAKI mat