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Vegetable oil mouthwash

Julie YUJ
This ancestral therapy, derived from Ayurvedic medicine, used in India for 5000 years, helps maintain oral health and lightens the work of the immune system.
This morning ritual consists of making a mouthwash for 10 to 20 minutes with vegetable oil and extracts the bacteria from the body when we spit out the oil.
Kavala Gandoosha has many virtues such as:
  • Make teeth whiter
  • Strengthen gums and teeth
  • Muscle the jaw
  • Avoid cavities and canker sores
  • Avoid bad breath
  • Detoxify the body
  • Relieve migraines and effective remedy against an evening washed down with champagne!
How it works ?
When you wake up, start by scraping your tongue to remove the residue from the night. You can use a small spoon if you don't have a tongue scraper ;)
Take a tablespoon of vegetable oil, we recommend coconut oil, and circulate the oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes.
To start: take a teaspoon and keep the oil for 5-10 min, we are going gradually!
Yes, but what to do during all this time? Prepare your things for the day, take your shower, read, dance!
Once the mouthwash is finished: spit out the oil (rather into a handkerchief or directly into the toilet to avoid clogging the pipes).
Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth and don't forget to brush your tongue. Visible results in just a few days ;)
Good day !
PS: Olive and sesame oil also work, but be sure to choose raw, organic, cold-pressed oil.
Aurora Guillot