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The Sun Salutation

Julie YUJ
Surya : Sun and Namaskar : Salutation
As a warm-up or practice on its own, the Sun Salutation is ideal in the morning, to start your day off right. This sequence of postures allows you to gently wake up and warm up your body. It has the benefits of softening and strengthening your muscles as well as toning your digestive system and improving your metabolism. It also allows a better circulation of your energy and therefore has an energizing effect for the body and the mind.
At the front of your mat, begin by getting into Mountain Pose ( Tadasana ):
Feet firmly planted on the ground, back straight, shoulders relaxed and palms facing forward.
Inhale , raise your arms to the sky (remember to keep your shoulders away from your ears) and open your chest.
Exhale , dip forward from your pelvis - here bend your knees well so that your belly rests there, then release your head and neck.
Inhale , straighten up halfway, sliding your hands along your shins, so that your back is flat. Roll your shoulders back to create space in your chest. Look straight ahead.
Exhale , hands on the ground, take a step back or jump straight into chaturanga: get into a plank position and come down while bending your elbows tight along your sides.
Beginner version : Do not hesitate to practice first by placing your knees on the ground. In this case, go down completely, keeping your arms as they are.
Inhale , straighten up in upward facing dog. Push up on your hands while rolling your shoulders back and down so that you always keep your chest open. The knees do not touch the ground.
Beginner version : If you had taken the option of going down completely, then straighten up like a little cobra, keeping your elbows bent.
Exhale , push on your hands while lifting the pelvis towards the ceiling and place yourself in downward facing dog (like an inverted V). Take the opportunity to take three deep breaths here.
Inhale , look between your two hands, then walk or jump to the front of your mat. Half straighten up so that your back is flat.
Exhale , dive forward again.
Inhale, engage your belly and Straighten up, raising your hands to the sky.
Exhale, bring your hands in prayer in front of your heart, then return to your mountain pose, Tadasana.
And we start again, arms to the sky!
Repeat this series as many times as you want. Listen up!
Namaste Yogis
Sasha Pace