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Julie YUJ
What is anchoring?
To be here and now. Vast subject in our current societies where we are often out of step, we program we shift we make plans... And if we tried this experience to take root?
To be grounded is to be connected to the earth (YUJ meaning to connect, to unite) in other words it is to bring down everything that you have in your head and settle it at the level of your roots of your feet.​
It 's also getting out of your thoughts and becoming aware of your body because the less you are focused in your head and the less you think.
To be anchored is to know how to ACCEPT your body in its entirety and take care of it in order to love yourself.​

 Why anchor?

  • A good anchor will allow you to:
  • Live fully in the present moment by stopping projecting yourself into the future as well as the past.
  • To accept to be you with your faults and your qualities.
  • To accept your belonging to the earth.
  • Demonstrate discernment and objectivity in the face of life events.
  • Anchoring allows us to materialize ideas, projects .

And on the carpet ?

In each yoga posture, take the time to feel your anchoring while paying attention to the parts of the body in contact with the ground.
We can also use the term "rooting" to talk about inking.
This image is perhaps more telling because it allows us to visualize a tree that sinks its solid roots into the earth.

The tree, the ideal posture to anchor oneself:

Place yourself in Tadasana. Your feet are together and your toes are connected.
With each breath, feel the energy of the earth invade you.
With each exhale, visualize your roots sinking deep into the ground.
Slowly take off your right foot and place the sole of your foot on the inside of your left thigh.
You can join your hands in Namaskar mudra at chest level or with your arms stretched up to the sky. The hands are always connected in order to let the energy flow freely.

​Exercise on the root chakra ​
You are standing, your eyes are closed, you take the time to relax, to install a slow and deep breath. Then with each exhalation, you will lower your attention along the legs to the toes. With each exhalation, you descend further and further, your roots are more and more consistent and deep. You can also imagine that with each inspiration, you will draw energy from the earth through your roots.