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Meet Alice, #YUJgirl

Julie YUJ

Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Alice, I'm 28 years old, I like the sound of the waves, the ocean wind and I like to feel the heat of the sun on my skin. I like to do yoga outdoors because I feel more free. I like to travel, discover new horizons, meet new people, laugh, read, play the guitar and spend time with those I love. My favorite show: watching the sun go down (ideally over the ocean). I love listening to music, dancing and sharing what Yoga does for me.

When and how did this passion for yoga come to you?

I have always been attracted to Yoga, I always wanted to practice but it was not very widespread. On one of my trips to Nusa Lembogan (next to Bali) I tried a class and haven't stopped since! I took classes, I practiced alone and I wanted to improve my personal practice by going to do a yoga teacher training. I then started teaching and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I like to share, to see people soothed and to leave lighter, calmer, more at peace with them even after a Yoga session.

What does this represent in your daily life?

All ! Yoga is above all a philosophy of life, an art of living and thinking more than movements on a mat. It helps me in everyday life, guides me, helps me stay calm and gain altitude in the face of situations that I cannot change or that do not deserve my calm. If my body is strong and healthy, so is my mind!

Do you find time to practice during your travels?

The advantage of Yoga is that it can be practiced everywhere. No need for a carpet, a piece of beach, grass or a carpet is enough. A rock or just sitting on the plane and meditating.

What is your favorite YUJ product?

My favorite YUJ products are the black ANAHATA bra and the accompanying MULHADARA leggings. In summer as in winter, they are very comfortable and fit well to the body.

The world

What is your favorite country so far?

Until now I would say that my favorite country is the island of Bali in Indonesia and the very small island just next to Nusa Lembogan. Bali, island of the gods. Despite the development of mass tourism, the Balinese remain attached to their tradition and their religion. The offerings all over the street are some of the finest I've seen. The spiritual energy of the island is intact. I love going down there!

Good addresses to share?

The house of the two fairies in Bordeaux, a place dedicated to esotericism, Origines Tea and Coffee in Bordeaux as well.

For you, is “the place to be”?

Here and now, well in his sneakers, a big smile on his lips, confident and sure of himself because life is beautiful and deserves to be lived fully!


In the cinema, which actors/directors make you dream?

I don't have a "favorite" actor or director. I like good stories especially when they are well acted. It doesn't matter the actor or the director as long as the film makes me dream.

A quote that defines you ?

It would take more than one quote to define me, but to choose I would say: Life is beautiful, put on your most beautiful smile and enjoy every moment!

What does a day in the life of Alice look like?

Right now, Josette (my cat) comes to wake me up, I make myself a lemon juice, I get ready and meditate before leaving for work. I do my yoga classes in the evening. I practice for myself either in the morning before work or when I come home in the evening. And if the weather is nice, I go to the ocean for the sunset!