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Julie YUJ
What could be better than these strong summer heats to practice refreshing breaths?

There are indeed two pranayamas, Shitali and Shitkar. i , very effective in refreshing the body with a particularly soothing effect on the mind.
They are also ideal for soothing digestive disorders such as heartburn (excess heat related to digestion) or in case of hypertension.
These breaths are also to be avoided in case of hypotension or in winter.


Steps :
-Sit comfortably with your back straight and your legs crossed
-Begin to breathe normally, take the time to refocus. It can be three big inspirations through the nose followed by expiration through the mouth.
-Then position the mouth the same way you say “u”
- From there take out the tongue by going up the sides of the tongue as if to make a tube
-Take a deep breath through this "tube"
-At the end of the inspiration, retract the tongue and hold a time
-Exhale through your nose
This makes a cycle that you can repeat 10 to 15 times.

But, it is possible that you could not form a tube with your tongue and this is completely normal, even genetic.

There is therefore a second pranayama, accessible to all: Shitkari breathing .

Steps :
-Same sitting position but this time, bring your upper and lower teeth together
- Lightly press the tip of the tongue against the teeth, lips slightly raised
-Take a deep breath through the teeth thus positioned; hold a time
-Exhale through your nose
Similarly, you can repeat this cycle 10 to 15 times.

For your Yoga practice, consider favoring postures on the ground, the salutation to the Moon, or even hip openings. Indeed, the latter are associated with the area of ​​the second chakra, Svadhisthana, which corresponds to the element of water. In Vinyasa, they are also practiced after backbends which increase energy and heat.
Sasha Pace