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frequently asked Questions


What is YUJ Yoga+?

YUJ YOGA+ is a video on demand (VOD) platform dedicated to yoga and Pilates, accessible at any time, for all levels and all types of practice.

What types of classes are available on YUJ YOGA+?

YUJ YOGA+ offers a variety of classes, including vinyasa yoga, hatha, yin, meditation, pranayama and Pilates. Classes are available for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Is there a mobile app for YUJ YOGA+?

No, but you can connect to a web page via your phone.

How to contact YUJ YOGA+ customer support?

You can contact YUJ YOGA+ customer support via the contact form here .

What payment methods does YUJ YOGA+ accept?

YUJ YOGA+ accepts payments by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal, Apple Pay.

Can I access YUJ YOGA+ from any country?

Yes, YUJ YOGA+ is accessible internationally. However, make sure you have a stable internet connection to enjoy the best streaming experience.

Are the courses in French?

Yes, classes on YUJ YOGA+ are only in French at the moment.

My account

How to subscribe to a YUJ Yoga+ subscription?

To register, go to the website, click on the “Online” tab then “I subscribe”. Follow the instructions to create an account by entering your personal and payment information.

How do I activate my YUJ Yoga+ account?

Once your account is created, you will receive an email to activate your account.

How do I log in to my account?

By clicking on the “my account” button at the top right of the site.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, subscriptions are without obligation. You are free to cancel at any time.

How can I cancel my YUJ Yoga+ subscription?

To cancel your subscription, log in to your YUJ YOGA+ account, go to “Manage my YUJ YOGA+ subscription” and select the “Cancel my subscription” option. You will have access until the end of the current period.

How do I update my bank card?

Go to “my account” > “manage my YUJ YOGA+ subscription” > “address and payment details” > “manage payment methods”

How do I recover my password ?

When you try to log in, you can click on “forgotten password”, you will then receive an email to reset your password.

Can I try YUJ YOGA+ for free?

Yes, YUJ YOGA+ offers a free one-month trial period for new subscribers.


What equipment is needed to take the courses?

To take the classes, you will need a non-slip yoga mat, comfortable clothes, and possibly some bricks. A blanket and a bolster can also be useful for relaxation.